Sanford Chief of Police (ret) Brian F. Tooley

To Whom It May Concern:

Kevin Hipes was a City Commissioner for the City of Sanford in the early-mid 2000’s. I was the Chief of the Sanford Police Department from 1999-2011. Mr. Hipes was an involved, hands-on City Commissioner, eager to learn and eager to get things done. He was very supportive of the police department, its officers and its Chief of Police. In the years soon after 9/11, and with the population growth in the area, the police department needed additional personnel and equipment. As Chief, I also saw the need to increase salaries, become accredited and build a new Police and Fire Headquarters.

Commissioner Hipes was an advocate for these advances, and in helping to determine their funding. Ultimately, all of these needs were met, enabling us to provide a better level of service to our citizens. Commissioner Hipes, during his tenure, was a true partner in making things happen.

Prior to being Chief of Police in Sanford (for 11 ½ years), I was with the Orlando Police Department for 25 years. But perhaps more importantly, I was an Oviedo Police Officer starting in 1972. Oviedo PD had only five police officers at that time. I have therefore seen the tremendous growth in Oviedo. I believe Kevin Hipes would be an excellent Mayor to take the City of Oviedo into the future.

Brian F. Tooley
Chief of Police (Retired)